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a creative and digital marketing company.

Results driven marketing

Based in Wichita, KS, Balefire is a marketing company focused on results-driven advertising for our clients. We work directly with you to determine what's important to your customers and how best to market your business. Our goal is to engage your customers and produce more leads for your business, whether it is through web design, SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing or graphic design services. We do this by utilizing a variety of internet marketing tools and marketing strategies to target the desired demographics.

We tailor our expertise to your specific business needs, building a marketing plan that encompasses all of your business goals. Balefire is not just another Wichita marketing company, we act as consultants to help you minimize mistakes and maximize returns.

What we believe in

At Balefire, we are driven by a single mantra: Win for Our Clients. We do this by engaging with your company, surrounding ourselves with your team and communicating with you one-on-one to fully understand how your customers think. Our strategy goes well beyond the typical agency mentality of "one size fits all" by becoming your partner throughout the entire marketing process.

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Who we are

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What drives us

We're driven by your company's success. At the end of the day, when everything is in place and we're hitting your target audience, that's when we're satisfied with our work. Your project is more than a budget to us, we're driven by your happiness.


We're driven by results, really big results. Once the plans in place and you begin to see the results of our combined efforts, that's when we allow ourselves to take a breath and smile. We love seeing your business flourish.


Our agency is about broadcasting creative messages that resonate with your customer base. We restart the creative process at the beginning of each project. There are no cookie-cutter marketing plans here, only solid ideas backed by years of marketing experience.


From start to finish, you'll be impressed by our customer service and attention to detail. It's a rare find these days when you come across a company who is not only willing to come and meet with you at your business, but also treat you like a human being. These are exactly the types of extras you'll find when you work with Balefire.

Our location

We're based in Wichita, Kansas and work with local, regional and national clients of all sizes. Contact us today and find out how we can put our expertise to work to boost your business.

Why work with Balefire?

Pixels friendly

We're an agency with passions for both traditional marketing and digital advertising.

We like to share

We're full of knowledge and we love passing it on to our clients to boost their business.

We think you’re unique

Each client is a new relationship with new challenges. We believe your marketing plan should be as unique as you are.

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