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A great logo design not only stands out but is remembered. What defines a great logo? The answer is not as subjective as you may think. Bring up mental images of some big brands out there like Apple, Pepsi, Nike and UPS. What do all those marks have in common? They are expertly crafted logos that are simple in design and full of information about each company. At Balefire, we design logos that reach for that high ideal, because that's what you need to be successful.

Logos as art

An artfully designed logo combined with a uniquely custom typeface will, without a doubt, turn heads and start conversations. That's what our clients expect when they work with us. View our portfolio of logos designed for Wichita businesses.

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The world is littered with clip art logos and ill-conceived attempts at timelessness. Whether it's starting from scratch or refining a corporate identity to its fullest potential, rebranding is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

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Branding that defines

Every great brand starts with a great logo: simple, clean, and memorable. Balefire starts by designing the core logotype and typeface. We then move on to color schemes that pair your business with your customers' attitudes and desires. Once we have your palette of design elements constructed, we apply them to all facets of your marketing and advertising pieces for a consistent brand message.


A brand strategy that sets aesthetics and messaging tone is the key to customers' hearts and minds. With it, our clients lock in valuable customer loyalty.


Balefire designs logos that are simple and not "over designed." That's our core recipe for iconic brand marks.


Every color, texture, angle, and space in a logo or brand design project is always fully thoughtout with purpose in mind. Our clients deserve real creative.


We create integrated brand campaigns by implementing consistent design elements for all print, web, broadcast, outdoor, and environmental applications.

Brand Standards

Balefire will provide a brand standards manual that help our clients' internal marketing departments work with their new brand tools in a consistent fashion.


Balefire consults with our clients to adjust their brand strategy when faced with new opportunities.

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