Packaging That Sells

Consumers are a fickle lot, yet highly loyal to the brands they know and trust. As package designers, it is our mission to grab every eye we can and make our clients' products look irresistible. Beautiful packaging is the first impression and the first step in earning that much sought after consumer trust.

Award Winning Design

Designing for the consumer first has produced award-winning packaging time and again. At Balefire Marketing + Advertising, we get to know our clients' consumers. We step into their shoes and walk around a bit. Then, we design the perfect package for that perfect product that a consumer just has to have. It always works.

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Shelf Appeal

Standing out on the shelf is the key here. After crafting several designs and putting together mockups, Balefire Marketing + Advertising has been known to show up at retail centers for some impromptu "shelf testing" to see which design wins in a real world test.

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Camping Product Package Design
Sales Generating Design

The retail shelf is hyper competitive. Balefire Marketing + Advertising has over 15 years experience designing packaging and labels that resonate with consumers. We've worked in the highly-regulated food industry as well as camping, leisure, clothing, accessory, furniture, and medical fields just to name a few.


Understanding the consumer and their desires is the difference between moving product or collecting dust


We provide mockups for real world testing and for client proofing purchases when possible


Balefire Marketing + Advertising can acquire printing and packaging vendors or work with existing assets


A design aesthetic that elevates a client's brand and entises a consumer will keep orders coming in


Balefire Marketing + Advertising provides quality control throughout the entire design and printing process


Designing point-of-sale (POS) marketing displays will draw special attention to products and increase sales

We work with new and pre-existing products. Contact Us