Local Search Engine Optimization

Balefire is a Wichita SEO company with expertise in search engine marketing on a variety of levels. First, we begin with a deep understanding of the target market, local economy and business industry. Then, we create a web design from the ground up that is developed to rank high in local search results and convert the newly found customers. Finally, we craft a long-term strategy to leverage off-site ranking factors to keep you at the top of Google and Bing.

Quality Local Content

The most important aspect of an SEO strategy is perfectly written copy that caters to the target audience's needs on a local scale. Content that provides rich detail and answers questions is what all website visitors want. It's what search engines want.

Balefire works with local business owners and marketing departments to find out what makes their businesses tick; what makes their customers happy. We bring that rich information to the website and direct visitors to profit-generating actions.

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Optimized Website

Search engines rank websites based on 100s of factors including page speed, keyworded content and relevance. Many factors center around efficient website code which is easier for search engine algorithms to understand. Not all websites are built this way; that's why not all websites are the same.

Every website that Balefire Marketing + Advertising builds is tailored to our clients' message, location and industry. That means specialized local content such as news, events, and location-based information that is uniquely handled so that search engines will better understand the nature of your business.

Website Search Engine Optimization
Results-Oriented SEO

When Balefire Marketing + Advertising develops an SEO strategy, we work closely with our clients to better understand their website visitors. Rather than focusing on keywords, we discover what visitors are actually searching for then write content to fit that need. The result is predictable results.

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Local Content

We provide professional copy writing to develop content that is specific to our clients and speak to their customers.

Optimized Code

We write standards-compliant code that runs fast, is semantically correct, and tells search engines exactly how to index a website.

Clean Design

A professional web design will convert new visitors into qualified leads while building your brand with a new audience.


A core metric in any successful SEO strategy is generating new, quality referrals and backlinks from trusted websites.

Social Actvitiy

Strategies are developed to increase a brand's social signals, which are a metric of website's value and authority.


Every SEO plan is based on analytics, and our success is backed up by transparent reports from 3rd party sources.

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