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Email Design

We recommend our customers use MailChimp as their email delivery system. With MailChimp, you'll have full control over the look and feel of your email template. It also has many great features for email marketing including: subscriber profiles, email automation and personalization, advanced analytics, flexible design options as well as integration with WordPress, Facebook and more. Email is a great way for promoting: special coupons, discount pricing, new locations, new menu items as well as happy birthday wishes with coupons.

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Target Your Customers

Don't wait for your customers to find out about your specials and weekly promotions, drive more sales by sending your special offers directly to their inbox. Whether you want to target one of your Wichita locations or all of them, you can send personal email messages right to your customers. At the same time you email them, you can also post your coupon or promotion directly to your Facebook page or Twitter account automatically with the push of a few buttons.

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Email signup form

Easy Sign-up Forms

To grow your list of email subscribers, we'll place easy to use email signup forms on your website as well as your Facebook page so customers can subscribe no matter where they are in Wichita. Whether your customers are on their mobile device, tablet or computer, they'll be able to signup with ease. Once your customers have access to subscribe to your email lists, you'll have a powerful way to reach them with special promotions and coupons to get them right back in the door.

Watch Your Customer Base Grow

To generate new subscribers, we'll work with you to design creative graphics and table tents to place near your cash registers or on top of every table. We'll direct your customers to sign up for free coupons and special promotions only available through email and reward them as soon as they subscribe. We'll also add subscribe forms to your website and Facebook page to increase your subscriber list even more.

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Balefire's Strategies Drive More Sales

We have worked with local restaurants to design and develop email marketing strategies that increase sales. Our marketing plans are perfect for pizzerias, bistros and steakhouses as well as pubs and bars.

With email marketing, you can send your promotions and coupons directly to your customer's inbox in the morning and increase your sales the same day. Whether you're promoting a new menu or a new location in Wichita, Balefire can help you use the power of email to get customers in the door.

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