Starting SEO from scratch

Dual Defense Firearms first opened its business in Wichita in early 2014. Starting with no more than a few guns and some word-of-mouth, their website has gone from no placement to the top of page 1 on Google. Keep reading to understand how search engine optimization plays an huge role in getting local businesses more traffic to their website and, in turn, more customers through their doors.

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Clean, responsive design

Starting from a clean slate, Balefire was able to design the website from the ground up. The Dual Defense Firearms website is a fully responsive design allowing content to fit on any size of device including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers as well as wide screens. This is a key ingredient the search engines like to see when understanding how to rank your website. Since the majority of users to a website are now mobile, having a mobile friendly website design is key.

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Quality content is key

The website copy was developed from scratch by Balefire. It includes quality content about the products and services that Dual Defense Firearms has to offer. Quality content includes detailed descriptions about the types of firearms they sell, the brands they carry, they types of customizations they make to weapons and other details about their business. And while text copy is important, we also added key images which help to tell the story.

Website on laptop and mobile
Mobile SEO placement

Optimized code for speed

The website is developed with a minimal amount of code, all optimized for quick load times and happier customers. One of the main goals for this project was to develop a website for Dual Defense Firearms that loaded fast and kept customers happy. The last thing a new business owner wants is a slow loading website which detours customers from visiting and converting to leads.

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On and off-site optimization

While a well optimized website is important for SEO, off-site optimizations are equally important. Off-site optimizations include claiming and verifying important directory listings, social website accounts and review sites. It is important that each of these types of off-site accounts have accurate business information and are claimed by the business owner. Balefire worked with Dual Defense Firearms to claim listings with all the major directories and review sites, presenting a uniform presence to the big search engines.

Customer reviews & social

Customer reviews are a big part of SEO these days. With more and more customers researching businesses online before making contact, it is important to have your social media accounts present a professional image of your company. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google+ accounts were all setup, claimed and verified for Dual Defense Firearms and linked back to the website. The website also encourages customers to follow each social media platform as well as review the business.

Revisiting the website

After all on-site and off-site optimizations have been done, it is important to re-review analytical data to see new trends in web traffic and how customers are finding your business and interacting with the website. Once we had Dual Defense Firearms in a good position with search engines, we re-evaluated the website based on actual data and made adjustments to copy, keywords, images and pages accordingly to ensure the website was working to its full potential.

Website traffic stats
Rising to the top

The methodical and analytical approach to SEO that Balefire performed on the Dual Defense Firearms website not only paid off, but is also easy to see. Their website is performing extremely well on Google and continues to be one of the top contenders for search terms like "Wichita gun store" and "Wichita firearms dealer", outperforming all of the national big box stores. Balefire continues to monitor the website and perform ongoing updates as necessary to keep Dual Defense Firearms at the top of the search engines. It is important to continue with SEO on website that perform well, otherwise they will become stale and quickly get outperformed by the competition.

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